Finals Playlist

Finals Playlist

Finals Playlist

Below are some of the songs that I’ve been listening to over and over again as I write my final constitutional law paper on the historic Ableman v. Booth Supreme Court case . Tune into Carleton’s radio station, KRLX 88.1FM,  to hear what Carleton Student DJs are playing.

* You can listen online, call in or chat with the DJs.  

“Let’s Get Breakfast” by Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra.

Ideally should be played when still in bed and trying to rally the energy to go get breakfast.Down South by Jeremy Loops:

A singer from Cape Town, South Africa that calls himself a “modern folk” musicianWould recommend for an upbeat, energetic, coffee break.“Moon Tattoo” by Sofi Tukker:

Note her last name is not spelled the same as mine.“Be Like You” by We Were Evergreens:

Bringing Boomessays review back the Jungle Book theme song, except more melodic vocals.“Crazy Dream” & “Beautiful Escape” by Tom Misch

Tom Misch is a British singer that impressively builds layers of string instrumentsHis music feels surreal and has dream-like qualities to it.“On Hold” by The xx

This just came out! New song!Upbeat or/and atmospheric calm! Multifaceted music!“Come Alive” by Chromeo ft. Tory y Moi

Oldie (came out in 2014) but a goodieIt’s made an appearance on many of my playlists over the past two yearsI’ve also been listening to Lake Street Dive and Shovels and Rope a lot. These bands are 10/10, superb, fun,  folksy and bare, not over-produced at all. Apparently Lake Street Dive is playing a concert in Minneapolis in March. Anyone wanna go with me?

If anyone has any music suggestions, please send ‘em over. I’m open to all genres/styles. Would love some new auditory stimuli as I finish up Fall Term! Time has been flying by!

I’m hoping to go to some concerts in NY over Winter Break with some Carls but have yet to do any concrete planning because of tenth week homework load and prepping for finals. I’m excited for the next 6 weeks off to pursue some other passion projects and to spend some time with family and friends back on the East Coast.

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