Going into Town

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Going into Town

Going into Town

Anyone who read my blog this past fall will probably remember that if there is one thing that’s true about me, it’s that I love food a lot. I spend a fair amount of time thinking about it, and am currently loving life because Burton has risotto for the first time this term. But what I might have not mentioned before is that for me, the dining options at Carleton are not enough. This is not to take away from the food here. The larger problem is that the dining halls aren’t open at 11 P.M., which is usually when I have a second dinner. So, in order to supplement what I can get on campus, I frequently make trips into town to buy some extra food. And while walking or biking six blocks to EconoFoods does not sound like a particularly noteworthy activity, I have grown to enjoy my trips to buy food for reasons other than the food itself.

I first began to notice this last spring. I did not leave campus very often in the fall, and when I am outside in the winter all I can think about is getting back inside as soon as possible. But one day, early last spring, I was out biking to Econo, and it hit me, Northfield is a really nice town on a sunny spring day. There was no big essaysonline org event that let to https://www.chem.tamu.edu/ this realization, I just for the first time really looked around at the scenery. Prior to then, much of my perspective had been either Division Street or Highway 3; I had not spent much time in the more residential parts of town. But then I noticed little things about residential Northfield that stood out. Especially how the houses are all similar in many ways, but each has little differences that distinguish them from surrounding homes, be that paint or decorations or even children’s toys lying about on the yard.

This might seem like something odd to care about, but I think it comes from my urban upbringing. Before Carleton, I had never lived anywhere but Manhattan, where everything is apartment buildings, and my experience with the suburbs was limited to family visits, when I was never there long enough to really notice anything about the neighborhood. But thanks to 18 years in the city, the novelty of Northfield still has not worn off, and I enjoy my trips to buy food as an opportunity to relax, think, and take in a part of life that for so long was foreign to me.

David is a sophomore from New York City who had an unexpectedly hard time finding a picture of himself to add to this biography. He is leaning towards Philosophy as a major, but we will see if that is still the case come Spring. When not being inept at using a computer, he enjoys writing and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Check back in the coming weeks to see if he ever finds more pictures of himself, amongst other adventures. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.

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